May the Fourth Be With You! A Look at my Top 4 TpT Best Sellers!

 I've linked up with some awesome bloggers to share our TOP 4 products and have a special SALE!  My TOP 4 (non-seasonal products) an additional 20% off today & tomorrow!  Now is a GREAT time to pick up what you will need for the rest of the year. :)

By far, my #1 best seller is my Place Value Worksheet Pack.  This pack has 6 worksheets that cover place value. The first three specifically address using tens models, hundreds models, and expanded form. The next is a graphic organizer that your students can use to show a number in standard form, word form, a place value chart, models, and expanded form. The last 2 worksheets cover +/- 10 and 100 from a given number. 

My #2 best sell is my Telling Time Worksheet Pack & Center!  This pack on telling time includes 10 worksheets plus one center that covers the following standards: 1.MD.B.3 and 2.MD.C.7.  It has 5 worksheets where students have to look at the clock and write that is on it (hour, half hour, quarter hour, and 2 to the 5 minutes), 2 worksheets where students have to draw the hands on the clock according to the time stated in the box, 2 worksheets where students match the correct time with the time in word form (Ex: 6:15/ Quarter after six), 1 worksheet where students cut out different activities and organize them in a chart according to whether they occur in the a.m or p.m. and 1 center or game where students match the time shown on the clock to the correct time (to the half hour).  I wrote a little about it here.


My #3 non-seasonal best seller are my Reading Literature Graphic Organizers.  This is for a pack of 17 graphic organizers that will help you teach the Common Core Reading Literature standards. There are graphic organizers to help you teach ALL of the Literature standards!  These will be great to use with your whole class, Interactive Reading Journals, Guided Reading, or independent work.  I wrote about how I used some of these with poetry here.

My #4 is my FAVE!  It's my measurement unit- AAARRGGHH! A Pirate Measurement Adventure.  My kiddos LOVE using this!  I used a lot of the activities for centers in my class this year.  Aaarrgghh you ready for some measuring mateys? This file features 5 measurement activities that would be an excellent supplement to your curriculum: Pirate Ship Measurement , Buccaneer Inches, Inches, Feet, or Yards?, Heave Ho! Pirates on the Move, and Centimeters or Meters?

So, that's the Top 4 non-seasonal best sellers!  I also just added a great center or activity to get ready for summer: Summer Story Problem Task Cards!  Happy Shopping!

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