All about Place Value- Fun, Fun, Fun Summertime Blog Hop

Welcome to the Fun, Fun, Fun Summertime Blog Hop!  I've teamed up with Wise Owl Teacher Creations and a group of lovely bloggers so that you can read more about how to help keep your kiddos learning over the summer and grab some awesome freebies along the way!
Today, we are going to talk a little about place value.

Summertime is a great time to work with your child to get ahead and prepare for the upcoming school year!  One thing that is fundamental for students to understand in mathematics is place value.  I think that by the end of second grade it really is essential that students have developed a solid number sense and understanding of place value concepts.  To do this kids need a lot of different kinds of instructional experiences.

I just finished a set of Place Value Centers that would be great for fun summer practice and even better to use in your classroom to help your kiddos practice and master place value to the hundreds. 

Most of these centers are really hands on, so your wide variety of learners are all going to be happy.  These are geared towards 2nd graders, but could easily be used with your advanced first graders or with third graders who need some more reinforcement with number sense and place value.
First up are just some place value task cards.  I LOVE task cards!  I used them as centers or stations in math and reading ALL.THE.TIME.  So, I had to include some with this pack.  There are a wide variety of questions- asking students to find the value of a digit, look at base ten models, expanded form, and do some mental math adding and subtracting 10 and 100.  There's an answer key included too so your kiddos can check these themselves.  If you like task cards I have another set included in my Place Value Pack, plus tons of others in my store for a variety of skills.

Next up are some place value puzzles.  These come in 2 sets- one with two pieces and one set with three pieces to match.  Great practice for those hands on learners.  One thing I like to do is color code the backs of the pieces, so that the kids can double check they completed the puzzle correctly. (All 3 pieces have a blue star, etc.)

Another fun station- Poppin' Place Value.  The students match each popcorn bag with the kernels that match the bag.  More practice with written form, expanded form and values.

There is also some practice comparing numbers.  All of the centers use numbers up to 1,000 and can be differentiated by just taking out certain ones or even adding higher numbers if needed. The kids can sort each inequality on the mats then record them on the recording sheet.  There is an answer sheet included so students can even check their work on their own.

Last, but not least is mental math adding and subtrationg 10 and 100 using their place value reasoning.  This center needs number cards.  If you don't have any or just want some new super cute ones for your students you can get my Animal Number Cards for free in my store.

So, there you have it for the centers included in this product.  I know these are great for using throughout the summer and the school year to reinforce this essential concept.  You can get these in my store for 50% off TODAY!

So, maybe you are totally into some place value math centers, but really would rather be paperless?  Or you're trying to implement more technology or Google classroom into your daily routine? You will LOVE my Digital Place Value Task Cards! These are 5 sets of digital task cards that you can use in Google Classroom, in Google Slides or many other apps.

Just for our Fun, Fun, Fun Summertime Blog Hop I've got a special freebie for you!  Another place value center that you can use in your class- Piggy Place Value.  Just click the picture to download it.  You'll need number cards for this one too, so don't forget to grab my Animal Number Cards freebie from my store.
Happy Summer!  

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It's Christmas- in July! #ChristmasinJuly

This week there are a bunch of us gearing up to offer you some fun!  It's Christmas in July at TpT!  (Just in case you were wondering there are officially 165 days till the real deal!)

Here's a sneak peek of the daily deals I'll be offering.  Just click the pictures to find them in my store.

Monday- 50% off my Addition & Subtraction Story Problem Task Card Bundle

Tuesday- 50% off my Informational Articles Reading and Language Bundle (all FSA & CCSS aligned)

Wednesday- $1 Deals on my Thanksgiving and Christmas Math Worksheet Packs

Thursday- 50% off my Graphs & Data Part 2 with bar graphs, pictographs and line plots!

And finally, on Friday another $1 Deal on my Back to School Story Problem Task Cards!

Enjoy early Christmas!


The Best Trip of My Life

Today I'm linking up with I Heart Grade 3 to tell you a little about the best vacation of my life (so far)!  Before I had kids, I was really into traveling to new places.  My husband and I even had a destination wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii!  

A Hawaiian wedding.
Obviously, this was a FANTASTIC vacation, but I've decided to tell you all about the biggest vacation I've ever taken- a month long trip around Europe all by MYSELF!  Back in 2007, before I ever met my husband, I had big plans for a European vacation.  Unfortunately, none of my friends wanted to spend the money to go on this long of a vacay, so I decided to go by myself.  BEST decision ever!  I met so many fun people along the way from all over the world.  Many I am still in touch with today (thank you Facebook)!  

While I was overseas I visited London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Austria (just for white water rafting), Florence, Venice, Rome, Lucerne and Paris.  Part of the trip I went on a tour with Contiki tours, so even though I was alone I wasn't really alone.  I've always been really independent and I liked being able to venture out on my own sightseeing or go with a little group to explore different places. 

In the Swiss Alps

London phone booth photo op!

In Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate.

Oui, oui- the Eiffel Tower.

A few faves from the trip:

1) Visiting the Musee D'Orsay in Paris.  Crazy to acually see the paintings I studied in my senior year Humanities class.  And they didn't have ropes around them or glass covering them! 

2) Riding the gondola up to Mount Pilates in Switzerland.  So very beautiful!  Lucerne was magnificent in general.  So clean, so pretty, perfect weather, swans and chocolate.   Goodness gracious I want to go back.

3) Munich.  I did a bike tour in Munich that was so fun.  They have huge glorious parks, river surfing and one liter beer steins.  Who wouldn't love it?

4) Riding public transportation around the cities- the tube in London, the trams and buses in Amsterdam, metro in Rome & Paris, water taxis in Venice.  I loved it!  I only got lost once while I was in Rome.  I got on an express train by accident.  When I started seeing hay bales outside I figured it out and got back on the right track.  Luckily, I was traveling with a group of friends that day!  

5) When I wasn't riding public transportation I was walking- everywhere!  That's the way to see a place for sure!

To be honest, there was just so much good on that trip I could never write about it all in one little blog post, so many once in a lifetime memories. 
Exactly as a vacation should be.  


My Top 10 "Working" Shows

Hi all!  Today I'm linking up with The Third Grade Nest for a fun Top 10 list!

So here are my top ten fave shows to "watch" while working.  Obvi, I'm supposed to be working while these shows are on, so I tend to watch mostly reality shows and comedies since you don't have to be paying 100% attention to what's happening to know what's going on.  I save the intense dramas for later. ;)  Definitely can't watch Game of Thrones while working because you know you'd miss some detail that later a whole show is based on!  

I'm a total Bravo addict, so basically I watch most of the Real Housewives shows.  And then I watch them again when they are rerun, and then again, so these make great background noise while working!  Love Modern Family!  So, I always watch reruns.  I also enjoy reruns of Grey's Anatomy on Lifetime and The Middle too.  

I cannot get enough of HGTV, so Love It or List It and Property Brothers definitely make the list.  In fact, HGTV is on whenever there is nothing to watch.  It usually doesn't disappoint.

If you have Netflix, you have to watch Grace & Frankie!  It's hilarious.  Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are great!  Also, if you have Amazon Prime, Catastrophe, is really cute and funny.  Love these original series!

Lastly, we have The Bachelorette and Teen Mom.  Well, guilty pleasures for sure and I can definitely only halfway pay attention and get the just of it.  Perfect TV watching for working- LOL!  

What makes your Top 10 List?


Follow Frenzy!- Week 4 #TPTSellerChallenge

It's here- the last week of the TpT Seller Challenge!  It's been so fun and the BEST thing to get me back into the excitement that Teachers Pay Teachers can bring.  I love that Emily, Amber and Ashley hosted this to lead up to the big TpT Conference in Las Vegas.  I can feel the excitement of all of the teachers there and I'm telling you- I WILL be there next year for the first time!  This year I am happy to sit it out for a great reason- my baby girl was born 7 weeks ago!  I definitely can't leave her and my 2 1/2 year old right now, but next year I think Grandma and Grandpa will be having a fun week with them! ;)  

 So, this weeks challenge is all about the great new bloggers and friends we have made connecting through the challenge in one way or another.

I've connected with SO many great teachers!  This challenge has made me hop on board to more social media with my store- Instagram, Twitter and, a totally new one- Periscope!  If you've never heard of Periscope it's pretty neat.  It's an app that is basically a way for people to connect LIVE via video.  You can make a video and your followers will be notified when you are live.  They can hop on to watch and interact with you in real time by typing you questions, making comments, etc.  It's so cool!  I heard about it from Angie (Little Lucky Learners) and Ashley (Shroeder Shenanigans in 2nd) who are periscoping live from Las Vegas!   It's super neat because you can totally feel the excitement in Las Vegas and their enthusiasm.  I totally want to meet them next year when I'm in Vegas! I've had so much fun getting a sneak peek into their worlds.  While they are periscoping live you can chime in and comment, reply to others commenting and follow them on Periscope too.  I've found a lot of great bloggers that I can't wait to connect with just by following Angie and Ashley's Periscopes.  I've also been so lucky to connect with Anna from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey through the Make our Masterpiece challenge.  She's awesome and I can't wait to collaborate more with her in the future.  I've even been able to join some fun new Facebook groups geared for teachers that are now stay at home moms.  I can't wait to see what I can learn from them!

Follow some of my new friends!  I love Instagram and I definitely think you all should follow them there too.  I feel like Instagram really helps me feel like like "know" everyone.  It's cool like that.

One thing I know is that teachers love to work together, are some of the friendliest people out there and love to find others that speak their own language.  It's all about the teacher talk- and no one else can quite get it.  So, give me more ways to have more teacher friends and I'll take it!


All About Rounding!

It's already week 3 of the Challenge!  This week we were encouraged to make a NEW product- free or paid.  Or we could finally finish one of those products that we've been working on for awhile.  You know those kind... lol.  Then, we had to swap products with another seller to help edit and give feedback for each other.
I decided to make a pack on rounding for 3rd grade.  
This pack has all kinds of things you need to practice rounding to the tens and hundreds with your class.  There is a poster with the rounding rhyme that I always used with my class.  Plus, some cute little inserts with the rhyme for your kiddos to put in their math journals when they add some notes and examples.

There is also 6 worksheets to help practice rounding.  Three that practice rounding to the tens (with and without a number line) and three that practice rounding to the hundreds (with and without a number line).  I included numerals up to the ten thousands in the practice.

Last, there is a set of task cards that would be great for centers in your math rotations.  These task cards allow students to practice rounding with a wide variety of questions so that you can really tell if your students have mastered the concept.

I always LOVED using task cards in my class for centers in both math and literacy, so these are just essential to me!
You can grab this Rounding Pack in my TpT store for 50% off right now!  Plus through July 6th it's an extra 20% off during my 4th of July sale.  Awesome deal!

One of the best parts of this challenge, besides the new product, was teaming up with Anna from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey to work with each other to help edit our products that we swapped.  This was so awesome!  I loved getting feedback from another teacher that teaches 3rd grade and making a new TpT/blog friend!  
Her product was an amazing product on the U.S. Constitution!  It's perfect for 3rd-5th graders.  I love it because overall it's colorful and has some super fun clip art that your kids will love! It also has a mini-book all about it that's black and white (excellent ink-saver!), the Bill of Rights in some great kid friendly language and a variety of other activities to help your students learning about the U.S. Constitution.  Click on the cover picture to see more in her store.
We've decided to team up to give away the two products we created!  
Enter using the Rafflecopter below.  The giveaway ends July 10th!

What is your masterpiece?  Link up your post at Third in Hollywood, Teach, Create, Motivate, Sparkling in Second or Peppy Zesty Teacherista!

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