7 Ideas to Start the New Year Right in your Classroom (Virtual too)!

The start of a new year is an exciting time for students, and it's important to kick off the year with some fun and engaging activities. Here are a few ideas for starting the new year off right in the classroom (virtual too!):

  1. Set some New Year's resolutions! Have students brainstorm and share their New Year's resolutions for the upcoming year. Encourage them to think about goals they have for themselves academically, personally, and socially. This New Year's lapbook is a great way to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the New Year! This is a great writing activity too, as there are many writing prompts included throughout the lapbook and it's updated year after year for you to use. You can find the 2023 New Year's Lapbook in my TPT store!

  2. Take a virtual field trip! Take a virtual field trip to a place that aligns with your curriculum. For example, you could visit a local museum or historical site, or take a virtual tour of a foreign country. Nearpod has so many great virtual field trips to try.

  3. Complete a fun art project! Have students create their own New Year's Eve party hats and decorations. They could use construction paper, markers, and other craft materials to create festive items like streamers, noisemakers, and confetti. Virtual teachers can send out supply lists or the files and have a fun class session to complete it together. This is a really cute one from Hanging With Mrs. Hulsey.

  4. Start a book club for the new year! Start a virtual book club where students can read and discuss a book together. This could be a great way to encourage reading and foster a love of literature.

  5. Have a game day! Host a virtual game day where students can play a variety of online games together. This could be a fun way to break up the school day and give students an opportunity to socialize and have some fun. In the classroom, find one of your favorite math games and make it a learning tool too!

  6. Conduct a science experiment! Conduct a science experiment as a class. This could be something simple, like making a volcano using baking soda and vinegar, or more complex, like creating a simple circuit using a battery and light bulb. A fun New Year's STEM activity would be awesome to do to.

  7. Show and tell! Encourage students to bring in an item from home that represents their goals for the new year. They can share their item with the class and explain what it represents to them. You could even modify this one to "show and tell" their one little word for the new year. This is a simple activity to help your students choose one little word to focus on for the new year and do some beginning goal setting.

Starting the new year off in a fun and engaging way can help set the tone for the second half of the school year and get students excited about learning. These activities can be easily adapted for a virtual setting and are sure to get your students off to a great start.

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