Using One Sentence Summary Frames in Read Alouds

I am excited to share with you more about how I use one sentence summary frames during my chapter book read alouds throughout the year. I use read alouds as a fun way to encourage kids to LOVE reading, so I don't usually do much "work" with during that time.  But, using these summary frames is one thing I like to do to start introducing students to summaries by using them for each chapter of the book.  I usually start by modeling this myself and we work our way up gradually to kids being able to do this completely on their own. This all happens pretty organically at the end of each chapter as we read the whole book.  These are also a great introduction to text structure!

Check out the video below from my Facebook Live I did in my All About 3rd Grade Facebook Group for more info!

Get your copy of the Powerpoint of the sentence summary frames HERE.

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