Get ready for the TpT CYBER sale- Monday & Tuesday!

Just in time for the big TpT sale, I've posted a few new products for the holidays!  My store will be 20% off and TpT is giving another 10% off if you use the code CYBER.

My first newly posted product is my Wintry Holiday Math Centers.
I'll be starting some of these this week in my classroom!

These are very similar to my Thanksgiving Math Centers.  It includes 6 Holiday and Winter themed Math Centers:

Snowflake Line Up (2.NBT.A.4)
Ordering Numbers with 2 & 3 digit options
Evergreen Tens & Hundreds (2.NB.T.B.8)
+/- 10 or 100
Elfilicious Place Value (2.NB.T.A.1 & 3)
Showing numbers in word form, expanded form, and models
Cupcakes Tens Go Fish (2.OA.B.2)
Combinations of 10
Double It Up Graphing (2.OA.B.2)
Doubles facts
Gingerbread Addition & Subtraction (2.NBT.B.5)
One, Two, or Three-Digit Addition & Subtraction

Also included in this Math Centers Pack are Wintry Holiday Themed Number Cards that are used with 5 of the 6 centers. The great thing about using the number cards is that your students can visit these centers multiple times and each time they will work with different numbers!

I've also posted Whooo's Ready for the Holidays?  This is 4 Literacy Centers or activities.

This file has 4 different Literacy activities that could be used as centers, small group activities and even as whole class activities.  It includes:
Ornament Compound Word Match Up (L.2.4.d)
Make Me Plural
Holiday ABC Order
Santa’s Prefix Sort (L.2.4.b)

You can get them both together as a Holiday Center Bundle here for a little savings!

Also, be sure to download my Christmas Addition & Subtraction Story Problem Cards FREEBIE while you're visiting my store!  Please leave me some feedback if you enjoy the product. :)

Have fun shopping!


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