Books to Use When Teaching Geometry

I love using literature to introduce math concepts whenever I can.  I usually started my geometry unit reading The Greedy Triangle (it's a classic!).  Incorporating books and literature kinda keeps things interesting and changes things up in math too- I mean math teachers like to read too!!
I also liked to use videos and songs too- check out my blog post about that here.  

A great list of books for teaching geometry concepts in elementary school! I've used The Greedy Triangle every year.

Here's a list of books you might want to check out when you are teaching geometry:

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns
If You Were a Quadrilateral by Molly Blaisdell
If You Were a Polygon by Marcie Aboff
Perfect Square by Micheal Hall
Shape Up! by David Adler
Let's Fly A Kite (Symmetry) by Stuart Murphy
Seeing Symmetry by Loreen Leedy
Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes (3-D Shapes) by Stuart Murphy
Sir Cumference Math Adventures by Cindy Neuschwander

I love using task cards in my math centers!  They are super easy and quick to set up and can be changed at every new topic or concept (geometry, place value, etc.), but your students still know what to do!

These task cards are great to use during math centers!  I made this set of 20 task cards that covers identifying polygons, recognizing and drawing shapes, and attributes of shapes.

Exit tickets are a great way to quickly and easily assess your students' knowledge of the geometry concept that was taught during the lesson.

And I loved using exit tickets at times in my class because it was a super fast way for me to see who mastered a concept.  I'd give my kiddos an exit ticket, collect it as they headed out the door and then quickly sort them into 3 piles-  totally got it, definitely didn't get it and the in betweeners.  That just made it easy for me to grab a quick group when I had time to try and do a quick reteach later that day or the next day before I started the next lesson.

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