My Teacher Summer Reading List {2016 Edition}

Check out my summer reading recommendations and what I want to be reading this summer!

It's summer and we're supposed to have lots of extra time now... Well, I'm at least hoping for a little bit of time to read something new!
Check out my summer reading recommendations and what I want to be reading this summer!

I'm joining my friend, Lucky to Be in First to bring you my Summer Reading List for 2016.  First up, I have a couple of my own personal recommendations... (the links below are affiliate links)

Check out my summer reading recommendations on what you should be reading and what I want to be reading this summer!

The is the first book in a series of four about a women living in Charleston.  This series is the BEST! There's a little mystery, a little romance- it's so good!  I heard Karen White has a fifth book coming out sometime this year!

This one is a very well written memoir about a young woman overcoming eating issues.  Easy read and hit home for me.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
I just finished this one and it was great!  A little mommy wars, Australian style.  I think this is coming out as a mini series on HBO sometime soon.

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster
This one is an older, but goodie.  This is a fun memoir and Jen Lancaster is hilariously relateable.  If you like this, she has quite a few other books out now too (although I think this is the best one).

Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor
My teacher pick.  I adore this book and used it ALL the time after I discovered it.  You can check out some more on one of the Inference lessons I did from this book here.

The Sound of Glass by Karen White
Newest novel out by Karen White, so I really need to read it!

Me Before You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes
The movie looks good and you know the book is always better!

The eighth Harry Potter book!!!! Duh, I'm obviously reading this on July 31st!  This is based on the play that is premiering in London on July 30th.  Grown up Harry and his children-  I can't wait!

Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Can you believe I've never read this?  Gotta see what I'm missing out on!

The Reading Strategies Book  by Jennifer Sevallo
Everyone's talking about how awesome this book is and I really want to see it for myself!

You can check out some more summer reading recommendations here!

What are you reading this summer?  


  1. I LOVED Wonder! And Me Before You may be one of my favorite books ever! I'm going to add Bitter is the New Black to my list, too!

  2. You will LOVE the Reading Strategies book - so helpful! My teenage son and I are counting the days down until the new Harry Potter Book, I can't believe I forgot it in my own post! LOL!


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